What is Electronic waste or e-waste?

E-waste refers to electronic products nearing the end of their "useful life". Used electronics which are destined for reuse, resale, salvage, recycling, or disposal are also considered e-waste.

What are the examples of electronic waste?

Personal computers (CPU, mouse, screen and keyboard etc.), laptop computers, printers, networking equipment, scanners, mobile phones, CD / DVDs / floppy disks, UPSs, radio sets, television sets, video cameras, video recorders, Hi-fi recorders, audio amplifiers and musical instruments, printer, copier.

Why recycling e-waste is important?

When electronics end up in landfills, toxics like lead, mercury, and cadmium leach into the soil and water. More than 20 million tons of e-waste are produced every year. Americans alone generate about 3.4 million tons of e-waste per year.

What services does Update Green provide?

Update Green provides Electronic waste collection, E-waste drop off and pickup, recycling events, On-site and in-house hard drive destruction, Electronics resale, Asset liquidation and office equipment disposal.

What are the examples of electronic waste accepted?

Apple and Computer PC – Desktop – Server – Laptop Notebook – Monitor – Printer – Plotter – Laptop Battery – Laptop Charger – IT Equipment – Computer Part and Accessory – Circuit Board – Power Supply – Storage Device – Zip Drive – RAM – CPU – Hard Disk Drive – Digital Storage Device – Speaker – LCD Display – LED Screen – Electronic Board and Chip – Network Equipment and Device – Router – Switch – Wireless Device – Game Console – Keyboard – Mouse – Microphone Ethernet Cable – Floppy , Zip , Cassette , CD , DVD , Flash or Jump Drive and Backup Disk – IT Accessory – Computer Peripheral – Circuit Card – Video Card – Sound Card – Modem – Firewall – Toner and Ink Cartridge – Signal Booster – Duplicator – USB and Firewire Hub – Projector – Transmitter Electronic Tool – Extension Cable and Card – Webcam – KVM Switch – Tablet – Cellphone – Digital and Analogue Camera – Media and MP3 Player – PDA or Personal digital Assistant – GPS and Tracking System – Fax Machine – Scanner – UPS – Battery Backup – Copy Machine – Office Printer – Phone and Telephone System – Headphone , Hands Free and Bluetooth Device – Any Type of Cable , Wire , Cord and Charger – Audio Video (AV) Equipment – CD and DVD Drive or Player – Home Theatre and Speaker – Receiver Cable Box – Gaming System like XBOX , Play Station, Wii – Video Projector

How do customers know if certain electronic waste is accepted?

The best way to find out is asking us directly either via phone or email.

Does Update Green run electronic waste recycling events?

Yes, we have experience running 100s of recycling events all over California.

Is there a fee to run setup a recycling event for our community or business center?

There is no fee associated with running events and Update Green will provide equipment as well as setting up the event.

Is there an option for a longer term recycling event?

There is no time limit regarding the events and they can be running for a day or months.

Does Update Green provide electronic waste pickup?

Yes, we pick up e-waste from businesses only. Residential and individuals are welcome to drop of their ewaste at our drop off locations.

Is E-waste pickup services free of charge?

Yes, Electronic waste pickup is provided to businesses and it’s free of charge. (Exceptions may apply depending on items, quantity and location)

Does Update Green accept electronic waste drop off?

Yes, Clients are welcome to drop off their electronic waste at any of drop off locations through business hours and free of charge.

Is E-waste drop off free of charge?

Yes, Customers can drop off their e-waste free of charge.

What are the fees of hard drive destruction?

Hard drive destruction either in our warehouse or at customer`s facility costs $5 per hard drive. There might be a minimum quantity required for on-site hard drive destruction.

Does Update Green provide on-site hard drive destruction?

Yes, 90% of our hard drive destruction is done on-site and in front of the customer.

Is there a minimum hard drive quantity required for destruction?

There is no minimum quantity required if customers bring their hard drives to us but for on-site hard drive destruction at client`s facility there might be a minimum quantity required.

Can customers witness the destruction process?

Absolutely. We highly recommend doing the destruction in front of the clients so they can witness the drives being physically destroyed.

Does Update Green provide Certificate of Destruction?

Yes, a certificate of destruction is provided after the destruction process.

Electronic Recycling Fees
Small or Medium size items
Example: Computer, monitor, printer, peripherals, electronic parts, etc.
For Businesses For Residential
Recycling Free Free
Drop off Free Free
Pickup Free Service not provided
Large size items
Example: Large copier, plotter etc.
For Businesses For Residential
Recycling Free Free
Drop off Free Free
Pickup Ask for a quote Service not provided

Hard Drive Destruction Fees
Minimum Quantity might be required
For Businesses For Residential
$5 $5

Is there a receipt or certificate provided for each service

Yes, a “Certificate of Destruction” will be provided after the hard drive destruction and a copy of “E-waste release form” can be provided upon request.

Is home furniture accepted?

Update Green only accepts business furniture and office equipment.

Is office equipment removal services free of charge?

The cost of office equipment disposal varies depending on the size, quantity, condition and location of the equipment.